Dragao Toner

Dragao Toner

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The Dragao toner is consciously more than a toner and not an astringent, but balancing and nourishing to top off that soap with a nutrient boost whatever your concern may be. 

Handmade by Beladoce Botanicals.

The Dragao is a luscious blend of:

Rose water: soothing and anti aging properties

Cucumber Water: soothing and calming to tired skin 

dragons blood: has shown in multiple studies an ability to not only boost collagen production but actually heal damaged the  collagen matrix from aging or skin trauma as well as powerful healing properties 

royal jelly: nutrient rich, the food of the queen bee known for its nourishing, reviving, and anti aging abilities 

hibiscus: vitamin rich and beneficial to boosting collagen production 

moringa: also known as the tree of life for its amazing healing properties from eczema to acne, to rebuilding collagen 

ginseng: tightening and reviving for better blood flow and it’s traditional use as an anti ager

maca: ability to boost blood circulation and restore metabolism of skin cells 

Cinnamon: a vasodilator which increases blood flow helping to restore glow or more awake looking skin 

ionized magnesium: an essential mineral to life itself helps skin regulate itself and it’s reaction to the environment better as well as help protect skin from the effect of hormones 

Ionized silica: jumpstarts the production of collagen and elastin 

Witch hazel: to clean, calm, and soothe